Zero Waste at FFFRIDAY Presentation

9 September 2017

Fashion does not have to be wasteful. 6 Hong Kong designer labels joined hands in presenting a series of zero waste fashion presentations on 8th September 2017 in the heart of Central.


Unlike traditional fashion catwalk shows, where all backdrops, stages and decorations would be thrown away as waste after a two-hour glamorous show, this FFFRIDAY Presentation was aiming at a completely opposite result – zero waste. Curator Eugene Leung handpicked an unconventional underground game centre as one of the two venues for the event. “The game centre is a perfect setting which already includes the effect of a backdrop. We don’t need to set up another unnecessary stage for the event,” Eugene mentioned.


Each label inserted creative inputs for their respective fashion presentation, all with a focus on zero waste productions:



Second-hand furniture, either borrowed from friends and organizations such as Fashion Farm Foundation, were used for the presentation. All props were returned after the event.





One of the label’s signature design, HAKAMA PANTS, had adopted the zero waste idea from the design process. The pants can change its form and size to fit all body types and reduce the waste of producing excessive products. All the materials are put into good use as the remaining fabrics are made into product tags. And his presentation installation would be reused for future exhibitions.






All settings were made with plain, reusable materials. The use of projection of a specially created animation is solely for the aim of zero waste. All props were in black for a reason – to be in multiple uses for all future events suiting the label’s style.







The food props were food waste that Food Angel collected. They were redistributed immediately after event. The supermarket stock racks were rented from second-hand furniture companies who provide rental service for movie productions. Whereas the supermarket shopping carts were rented from real supermarkets, which were returned after the event.




Wooden boxes and steelworks used for Parkour performance meet environmentally friendly standards in terms of materials and assembling procedures. All materials used would be reconstructed for future events. “Thanks to Mr. Match Chen, co-founder of KACAMA Design Lab, who shared supportive arrangements in some props for this meaningful zero waste idea,” said Kenax.






The setting was designed to accommodate multiple purposes all in one. All floor rugs would be reused for the brand’s upcoming events internationally.




Conscious consumption is key for everything, the same concept applies in fashion industry as well. FFFRIDAY - choose local, act global.