FFFRIDAY 2017 Teaser by Anafelle Liu, featuring designers’ fabrics

2 November 2017


Filmmaker Anafelle Liu collected existing fabrics from the participating fashion designers and created a sophisticated yet on-point teaser video for FFFRIDAY 2017 campaign.

Berayah Melissa Bui MISCHA PI'A Matter Matters Vanessa Tao C U R T I S L I S T U D I O REO MA Id MODEMENT.hk Nilmance Cecilia MaDanshan The World Is Your Oyster kenaxleung Dynasti MethodologyCynthia & Xiao Zo-ee JOHN

With various experiences and awards in motion design and filmmaking in UK, Japan and Hong Kong, Anafelle is currently a Film Maker, Editor, and Illustrator at It Moves It Moves. 

Read more about her: https://www.fffriday.org/campaigns/2017/
Her profile here: http://itmovesitmoves.co.uk/ANAFELLE-LIU