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Ruby Gloom

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Ruby Gloom
3D Artist

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Ruby popped up from the Internet since 2012 as a fashion influencer. She was featured in Tokyo Kawaii TV, DAZED N CONFUSED, NICO PANDA X LANE CRAWFORD, VOGUE and other medias in around the globe. Since 2015, Ruby launched her brand “Weegirlsclub” aiming to mix the traditional Chinese culture and 90s/Y2K Cyber Ghetto. In 2016, Ruby find her passion in digital art and developed numerous 3D artwork that featured frequently on FELT Zine and VICE Creator’s Project.

Her artwork was exhibited in B4bel4b Gallery(California USA), BabyCastle(NYC), Panke Gallery(Berlin) and Galeria NN(Argentina). Her story and 3D artwork are also featured on VICE China and VICE Creator’s Project China. She was invited as a guest speaker in “Kulture Salon 11” seminar series (2017) in art mall K11 Hong Kong. In 2018, She created a 3D filter for SnapChat and also featured on VICE USA.