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fffriday | fashion farm foundation | YAT PIT

The label reworks classic Chinese wear into everyday wardrobe pieces, in a way that is relevant to today’s fast changing world of fashion, while remaining timeless and unpredictable. Along the journey, Yat Pit’s aim is to present Chinese Culture to the world stage with the designers’ interpretation through design – finding a dialogue to connect with like-minded audience and viewers who are curious about Chinese culture.

Jason Mui & On-ying Lai

Jason graduated from Nottingham Trent University, whereas On Ying graduated from Central Saint Martins. After meeting in 2013, they started to brainstorm on ideas about Hong Kong culture and how the Cultural Revolution in China molded a new way of life for the Chinese. The duo fell in love with everything that the Chinese Culture had tried to erase. Thus, they have decided to use their creative input to speak to the world about their views on such phenomenon.