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Based out of Hong Kong, OKOKOK is a streetwear label by Leonardo Lakerson & Blanc Leong that draws influences from DIY aesthetics, virtual culture and Eastern motifs. OKOKOK’s line of apparel covers all grounds of streetwear essentials – front surgical masks, to baseball caps, to buckets hats, to tees to hoodies, and more. The quirky motifs they apply to their gear span from their own take on Calvin Klein’s cK (oK), to swans, to basketballs, to American flags, to Chinese traditions such as mahjong and everything in between. The label even went as far as applying H1N1 on one of their surgical mask styles.


“OKOKOK is Kowloon based graphic design studio, accumulate the surrounding of the two owners, whose has got nothing better to do in life, was once successful people with desk jobs, and now resulting to making t-shirt for a living, their design are very average, and most of the design are just a reference to some other things they like, no fashion design experiences, and spend a lot more time looking at useless things on the internet than actually making anything worth wild. should check them out.”