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KAY KWOK, launched in 2013, incorporates youth, style and technology into fashion. His design is known for being fashion-forward and daring to push the boundary of menswear. However, due to financial and personal reasons, The brand has stopped temporary after two main seasons in business in 2015.

KAY KWOK has partnered with many international brands, including Sony, K11, Joyce boutique, Machine-A, Alcantara, as well as wool producer Dormeuil, whose products have been favored by the British Royal Family and countless Hollywood celebrities.

At the same time, KAY KWOK has also worked with artists and celebrities from London, Sweden, Italy, Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Taiwan, with sales around the globe.

Kay Kwok

Graduated from London Fashion College in 2012 and Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2009, interned at Alexander McQueen in London.

His collection placed first in the 20th Mittelmoda, a world-renowned fashion award and a historic first-place honor for a Chinese fashion designer.

Upon graduation in 2012, Kay Kwok was invited to participate in the London Collections: Men by GQ China.

In addition to international media coverage, Kay Kwok’s collection won critical acclaim from New York Times fashion critic Suzy Menkes in her column.