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Established in 2017, DEADSEAS is a wide range art project about technologies and humanity, currently based in Hong Kong focusing on street wear and visual design.

Inspired by the ethos of Cyberpunk and Internet subcultures, DS is exploring the nature of mankind in the world of high tech. With the style of ‘High Tech Ghetto’, DS is trying to point out different perspectives of how technology influences the society. Information overload, social isolation, identity alienation and reality confusion, all the hyper- normalisation are making us less human. We are all lost and trapped in the world of future chaos, it’s like dead sea, an ocean without live. What are we exactly when technology overwhelmed humanity, DS is questioning the meaning of life and shaping up its worldview in the idea of post-existentialism.

Jianchi Chen
independent designer / multimedia artist / DJ ig. @jianchi

Born in the late 80s Hong Kong, graduated from Caritas Bianchi College of Careers (Graphic Design) in 2010.

Co-founder and art director at The Cave Workshop, multidisciplinary artist, whose works spread across graphic design, music, film, animations, and more. Jianchi works with almost every kind of creativities, with great understanding in aesthetics and high learning ability, making him capable to work in cross industry projects.

He co-founded The Cave Workshop after graduated in late 2010, a team focusing on upcycling design, furniture design and space design. The team has involved in over 40 exhibitions worldwide in just few years after established, including design exchange show at Danish Design Centre (Copenhagen) in 2012 and Paris Design Week 2013. Their product Boltie Bench has reached the finals in Good Design Awards 2014. Also, the team has been mentioned in over hundred interviews comprise news, editorials, radio shows and documentaries.

During his time in The Cave Workshop, Jianchi has involved in a number of side projects with local and oversea artists in. His band G La G La Di Guo (disbanded) has been nominated as ‘Flaming Lips-esque’ by NME online in December 2012 after preformed in Clockenflap 2012. Then he started his own multimedia project as Magic Ramen in 2016.