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For many women today, fashion is not just an option but a way of life. A woman wants to be able to reflect her own sense of self and style, and CAR|2IE thrives on that belief; where imperfection equals perfection. CAR|2IE is about expressing designs that have a structural form, yet maintaining their femininity and emphasizing proportion. Our new range focuses on creating a strong silhouette with fine quality creative details, providing you with a wide variety of styling choices. We match components of masculine tailoring to feminine chic elements that provide a refined, striking look. Luxurious and daring, CAR|2IE garments are perfect for creating an inspired style suited to everyday wear that.

Kwok Ka Lee

CAR|2IE Designer, Carrie Kwok became a fashion designer since graduated from her BA knitwear design in The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. After her exploration of production chains in the fashion industry, she recognized that the media also played a key role in shaping the fashion world.

Not wanting to limit her experience in fashion field, Carrie became a Fashion Reporter at magazine. With acknowledged of the glamorous media world, she had a chance to study again, she completed her MA in Womenswear Fashion at Middlesex University in London. And worked as intern in Simone Rocha afterward. Based on both international educational and career development backgrounds, as well as her passion for fashion, Carrie launch her own label CAR|2IE in 2016.